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C таким названием групп множество.
Эта ливерпульская.
The Witnesses started some time after the CrossBeaTs , but we knew them well,
played at meetings together and met socially. For a period in the early days,
their bassist, Jimmy Nunnan, played bass for us for quite a few meetings.
They went to Richmond Baptist Church in Liverpool, and this is where Sam Pennington,
who later joined the CrossBeaTs came from. At one stage, there was talk of the two groups amalgamating,
but it never came off.
The line up was: Chris Keenan (rhythm and vocals), Jimmy Nunnan (bass and vocals),
Phil Jones (lead) and Norman Smith (drums). The Witnesses made an EP (4 tracks),
and these, along with some other recordings that came into my possession, have been made into a CD.
The tracks from the CD can be downloaded from this web site. Click on CD to see the songs available.
In May 2006 I received an e-mail from Norman Smith (drummer), and this is shown below the photograph.

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