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The Wedgwood Trio, gifted American folk singers from the South with their stringed instruments, experienced decidedly mixed reactions within the Seventh-day Adventist church when they began performing in the 1960s. For a church accustomed to congregational hymn singing and other traditional types of formal sacred music, the sound in the church sanctuary of a male trio singing mountain-style folk music accompanied on guitar, string bass, and banjo was jarring. While their music was viewed with alarm by many in the church, the youth, familiar with long-haired, poorly dressed performers doing rock music focused on the baser aspects of life and folk singers singing angry protest songs, embraced the well-dressed trio with its contemporary sound and wholesome music. From the perspective of nearly a half-century later, The Wedgwood Trio, with its upbeat sound and mix of folk music, creative arrangements of traditional Christian music, and original music, helped create a greater openness for newer forms of worship music in the Adventist church while providing an attractive alternative for a generation that otherwise might have left the church.

My Lord, What A Morning (World Wide WWR 766-238) 1968?
Come, Follow Me (Chapel LP 5122) 1969?
When The Spirit Says Sing (Custom CR 5213) 1970?
If The Truth Were Known (Creative Sound CSS 1508) 1971?
Revival (Creative Sound CSS1529) 1972?
Country Church (Bridge S2223) 1972?
Dove (Bridge S2245) 1973
Live (Bridge S2251) 1973


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