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  • Дата релиза

    4 января 2019

  • Продолжительность

    9 композиций

- Gaetano Partipilo / alto sax
- Francesco Bigoni / tenor sax
- Mirko Signorile / Fender Rhodes
- Stefano Costanzo / drums

Produced by Marco Valente
Executive Producer: Marco Valente
Recorded by Marco Valente at Salotto Valente, Bisceglie (BT) – Italy
Mixed by Tommy Cavalieri at Sorriso Studios, Bari – Italy

“Jingle Sells” by Swinging Santas is out on January 3rd which is a bit late for a Christmas album :)
A young jazz quartet, ribbon microphones and a living room for your politically incorrect Holiday Record of the year
Being late is never nice, of course. Not to mention being late at Christmas dinner.
This could be the case for this album, born in a reckless way.
A smart producer put together this quartet, finding the perfect recipe for a jazz Christmas album: in-house recording in the intimate setting of his living room, young lions, leather sofas, ribbon microphones.
Its existence jeopardised by a dispute on the absence of the words “jazz quartet” in the band name, this has become the quintessential Christmas album, one you can already find on the shelves of franchise stores in late October, early November at the latest. A record full of songs that “set the mood”. A cuddly jazz that’s perfect for young and old in this long-awaited time of the year.
In an ideal world, such a record would immediately hit the top of the world charts, becoming the best-selling Christmas album since Michael Bublé’s golden years.
What if Jingle Sells is a prophetic title? What if the sales will make the Swinging Santas rich? Would they keep hiding their identities to avoid running into tax checks?
Eventually, not everything turns out as it should, not even in top-notch record labels. And there’s a chance that the album will be out on January 3rd, when the clock has run out. And that titles and cover will not be strictly politically correct.
Even so, will you really turn down a listening?

released January 3, 2019

2019 Auand Records

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