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THE REBEL WHEEL is a modern progressive-rock band, coming from Ottawa Ontario. Influences lead its music style towards the deep, general or great promises of art rock and heavy prog music, whether that stands for enjoying the range of GENTLE GIANT, RUSH and, more mildly, GENESIS, or manages to go even further and to appreciate very much the innovating accent left by Frank ZAPPA, the passion of fusion and virtuosity (EARTHWORKS, THE ELECTRIC BAND) or, actually, feeling a deep homage for the great artist John MCLAUGHLIN. As influences are always a head start, the band itself will prove many original, independent, rigorous or interesting sounds, in what is music of hard rock, experimental small tacts, fruitful composition and resisting characters. An act of prog joy, moreover, since the music is meant to impress and to impose in front of its tendency (which is between artistic and alternative) and its slow-motion (which can create some vague values).

The history of the band is a bit more complicated and evolved a lot, going through three main phases. The main figure is guitarist David Campbell, playing rock and fusion starting 1991, when asked to collaborate with a band from Toronto called "Larry Stanley and the Family Jewels" (later "The Jewels"). The band is pretty interesting if you care for some multi-instrumental improvisations and arrangements, as well as a sense of variety in songs and streams. Popular as to appear in various shows and side projects, the group also played enough to confidently create a bigger style.

Coming with the idea of a new band, named "The Rebel Wheel Broadcasts", the "Jewels" original ensemble went on playing with even more pleasure, dedication and fray during the next years, until the jams and the long-distance gigs became a problem and paced much of the activity. D. Campbell decided then on another new rock and art orientation and started working immediately after with bassist Pelle Vadim, who is the second core member of THE REBEL WHEEL. Saxophonist and midi-player Christopher Plock, already having collaborated with D. Campbell, drummer Cab Lind and Nils Bell, on keyboards, made the line-up of that moment full. They recorded, in 2003, the debut album, but went in hiatus, once their support for gigs and occasional recordings became fragile, yet again.

Finally, D. Campbell formed a third ensemble under the authentic name of REBEL WHEEL, after having starting a smaller and later unhopeful prog band with Chuck Ho and bassist Gary Luazon. The latter followed Campbell into the new band's lineup, along three more musicians: multi-instrumentalist Paul Joannis, drummer Alain Bergeron and Angie Maclvor as saxophonist and vocalist.

About music and style (one more than relatively different, from their melodic debut to their deeply rehearsed and provocative second album, Diagramma), the band itself looks upon its frenetic mix as something of rock aggression and full arrangements. A core (versatile) style of bass, drums, guitar, keys and vocals does a complex orientation towards guitar rock, oriented fusion, ethnic experiments or powerful alternative art-flares. The rest of the impression lies within powerful mood, dedicated interpretation and a bit of old-fashioned progressive luxury, worrying any modern sparks that appear to be too typical.

(some notes compiled or adapted from biography sources)
:::Victor "Philip" Parau (Ricochet):::

Why this artist must be listed in www.progarchives.com :
Art Modern Rock, part of artistic, dark or experimental progressive tendencies

The Rebel Wheel, studio (2003)
Diagramma, studio (2007)
We Are in the Time of Evil Clocks, studio (2010)
Whore's Breakfast, studio (2013)
Filth Therapy, studio (2014)
3rd Wheel, studio (2015)
Bag of Snakes, studio (2017)
Simple Machines, studio (2020)

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