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The RFD ‎– Lead Me Home
Folk Rock,Psychedelic Rock, Religious

Bass – Fred Stoppelkamp
Cover – John Stoppelkamp
Drums – Larry Chilelli
Guitar – Dan Germain
Guitar, Keyboards – Russ McIlwain
Producer – R.F. McCune
Recorded By – Robert F. McCune
Vocals – Debbie McKee
Knew the minute I spotted that ultra-strange cover art that this one was gonna be a winner. Sure enough it’s a high-class subterranean breed of echoed spooky folk-rock, songs flowing effortlessly in a relaxed hypnotic electric groove with soft stratospheric male/female harmonies laid over-top. All original songs, some of the titles being ‘He Is Coming’, ‘Why Do I Feel Alone’, ‘Back Into My Mind’, ‘Loner’, ‘No Man Is A Mountain’, ‘Long Time In The Rain’ and ‘On The Outside Looking In’. Line-up is Dan Germain (guitar), Russ McIlwain (guitar, keyboard), Debbie McKee, Fred Stoppelkamp (bass) and Larry Chilelli (drums). As for that cover, I still can’t quite make out what it means – looks like an outstretched hand holding a set of keys, with the fingers branching out into additional hands, plus some kind of indecipherable writing in the background. A 200 press mega rarity. Pretty much cream-of-the-crop artsy stuff that the progressive folk fan can take seriously. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

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