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With their suits, ties, two guitars and upright bass, The New Prophets at first glance would look to be ’6-s folksters for the adult crowd. However, instead of recycled Peter, Paul And Mary songs these three young Marianists perform seventeen original songs in the moody Catholic folk style that would soon become quite prominent. A very simple yet satisfying lp that also includes periodic female backing vocals and bongo percussion. Some of the members went on to appear in George Montague’s Meet The Prophets and The Prophets Dream. Real stone-age looking cover. Seen offered for big bucks. Later released on the GIA label with a completely different cover. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).
I noticed that The Peace label and the GIA label songs are different lists as the Peace label has 17 songs and the GIA label only has 14. The 14 song GIA label album is presented here. ‘By The Streams Of Babylon’ seems to be missing on the GIA release. Also on side two “To We Your Friends’ and ‘Psalm 42′ are missing from the B side.

01. But As For Me
02. Song Of The Thankful
03. Psalm 148
04. Praise Him
05. Song Of God’s Kingdom
06. Song Of Job
07. Honor And Praise
08. Rise O Lord
09. The Beatitudes
10. Psalm 65
11. The Lord Has Satisfied
12. Behold The Lord
13. Out Of The Depths
14. Come Follow

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