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Best lp from this young priestly-collared foursome. While some of their other albums employed strings, horns, and were pop-dominated, this one’s a solid garage rock effort. And while albums like Let’s Get Together re-hashed all the spiritual hits of the era, Becoming One is all original material. Songs strum along with an electric folk vibe sometimes sounding a bit derivative of hits by CCR and Lobo (you could easily hum ‘Me and A Dog Named Boo’ to ‘Where You Belong’). ‘You’ll Be There’ employs Beach Boys harmonies. Simple organ noodling around in the background throughout, used to psychy effect on the title cut, cranked up on the hard-rocking ‘Temple Turning Time’. Another time portal to the ’60s sound. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).
1972 -
01. Praise The Lord
02. You’ll Be There
03. Where You Belong
04. Lord Bless
05. Pie In The Sky
06. Temple Turning Time
07. Becoming One
08. Here’s Where I Want To Be
09. Faith
10. How Can I Thank You Lord – Loving Is The Only Way

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