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Excruciatingly rare and highly desirable slab of west coast garagy rock rooted in the San Francisco sound. Taking their name from Genesis 49:10, this 4-guy, 2-gal outreach of the Idaho Jesus People Army had an edgy homemade sound that’s been likened to a more laid-back Jefferson Airplane, with spacey female vocals over an electric backdrop of psychy basement guitar. The unusual song composition didn’t hit me over the head at first, but multiple listenings revealed the layers of interesting guitar work going on in the background. ‘New Jerusalem’ has some nice slow dreamy charm at work while ‘Marriage Supper Of The Lamb’ and ‘Great Day Of The Lord’ both approach seven minutes in length, allowing the guitarist opportunity to try out some tremoloed Quicksilver flourishes. Closes with ‘Call To Brokeness’, a beautiful piece of ethereal femme folk psych. Black and white cover features a pencil drawing of the face of Christ overtop a photo montage of the multitudes. A couple members went on to form the band Living Sacrifice, re-interpreting a few of these songs over the course of their three albums. Be aware that some copies without sleeves were obtained from the band a few years ago – these are now being circulated with reproduced covers. (Ken Scott - Archivist)
Rick Saylor,John Rosenberry,Jaimie Tsapatoris,Vicki Tsapatoris,John Murray,Diane Murray.

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