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  • Место основания

    Arizona, США

God Unlimited’s first three lps represent some of the best folk-rock the Jesus movement put out. Indeed some have even referred to the group as “folk/psych”. At the point of their debut release the group was based out of Arizona State University and led by Episcopalian priest Tom Belt. Do not pass these folks up simply because the album refers to them as a choir. To me a choir means robes, ordinary voices, traditional tunes, and individual members drowned out within a multitude of singers, none of which is the case here (perhaps they would be more aptly termed an ensemble). The group’s harmonies have a mesmerizing quality to them, haunting in their beauty. Ditto for the individual soloists that are highlighted on some of the songs. The musical backdrop features a crisp rhythm section, guitars both electric and acoustic, flute, organ, piano, bass, and timely use of saxophone. Belt’s compositions and vocal arrangements are moving and full of emotion, capturing a dynamic worshipful folkrock sound on titles like ‘The Lord Is Come’, ‘Songs From My Heart’, ‘Break Loose’, ‘Love Divine’, ‘Streams In The Desert’ and ‘Sing Freedom’. Also some stunning acoustic ballads, including ‘Blow, Wind’, ‘The Sun And The Sea’, ‘Where The Children Run Free’ and ‘God Unlimited’. Some of the later albums would rock out more, but Joy still holds a rather precious spot in their catalog. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

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