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Five songs, four interludes, a hidden remix and a bunch of live footage make up this debut anthology from cape town’s first screamo project : GO TEAM! …a band who begun mid-september 2002, started gigging late november and disbanded early january 2003 after playing a total of five explosive performances …a band who ever intended to be ‘just a summer fling’ …GO TEAM! initially planned this recording as a nostalgic attempt to archive their efforts before they went their separate ways …however with the help of nifty records they were persuaded to take it further and make it available to a wider audience… … .

PRESSING INFO: Limited run of 63 CDRs. Hand numbered, stencilled, spray painted and sewn canvass covers…

MUSICIANS: Johann Loubser - guitar, Gio Ghignone - bass, Dunx Robertson - keyboards and lead vocals on track three, Owen Robertson - drums, Dylan Jones - vocals, Tim Ferguson - vocals.

“As a fan of all sorts of independent music my mind was challenged completly. I have heard screamo but never on a level like GO TEAM!”
released April 5, 2003

recorded 26.02.2003 by GO TEAM! at Paris Studios ..mixed 27.02.2003 in half a day and mastered shortly thereafter ..all songs created collectively by GO TEAM! : with the exception of track six which was dreamt up by Tim Ferguson and the hidden track at the end of the ep which is a 'club remix' by the unstoppable Dunx titled "Silence / Absolutes ". the samples on track six are by Missy Pantone { played by Eliza Dushku } in the movie "Bring it On!" ..the sample tune on track eight is taken from the "Demo" of our beloved Casio SA-10 : without which GO TEAM! would not have been the same ..all lyrics by Dylan and Tim except track three by Dunx… .. .

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