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Created and established in late 2014, the production of the first EP, A Grave Discovery, begun in the early winter months of 2015. A year later, the project is finally complete, with 6 tracks to blast through your speakers in a death metal frenzy.
During the Spring months of 2016, writing was finished for the debut full-length. Later that year in September, The Human Condition was released - ten tracks of killer and no filler, featuring a two-part concept track (Orbital Arrival.)
After a long year of writing, 2017 brought with it the third album, Desecration. A seven track album just under 30 minutes - with bangers like 'Rivers Of Flesh' and 'Covenant Of Rampancy' - all wrapped up between a killer intro (Desecration) and an outro ballad (The End Of All Lifeforms.) This album also features a track that was originally slated for The Human Condition back in 2016 (Abduction.)

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