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Warm Are The Sounds (Emblem JDR 314) 1970 UK

Could they possibly have been serious?
For garage meets lounge schlock this one’s gonna be hard to top.
Smooth beat, subdued but raw electric guitar, cheap strings,
Vegas-style crooning.
All this would be rather dull were it nor for some surging Hammond organ set
on overkill bringing to mind those guys that used to demonstrate Wurlitzers
in the shopping malls. I’m not sure what they thought they were trying to be but the
end result sure is interesting.
As if Frank Sinatra saw the light and hooked up with a sanctified electric nightclub band.
‘His Gaze’ has a nice garage/psych quality though the norm is loungy take-offs that sound
close to ‘Mack The Knife’, ‘New York New York’, ‘Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime’
and the like. Same UK gospel label as The Concords, The Sharons, and The Gospelfolk.
This is indeed a weird one. See also EP section.
(Ken Scott – Archivist).

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