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Remember when you said that I wasn't good enough?
I'm at the top of the world, middle fingers up
You tried to walk on me but now I'm above you
You screwed me once, how many times have I fucked you?

With every knife in my back, yeah you armed me
My inner demons are my personal army
And I'm not sorry for the monster that I have become
No one apologized to me for anything that they've done

We can dance with shadows
cast by all that's burning
you are under our control
I am the devil of the industry

I heard the signal in the beating of my broken heart
We found the blueprints in our scars
We have designed a disaster
To tear your world apart

We don't give a fuck
We won't take no shit
to censor a star
you need an eclipse

I hope it burns your eyes
every time you look at me

They gathered around me to watch me die
Set me on fire, burn me alive
You're going to get what you deserve
I speak in tongues of fire and I will watch you burn

let's set this shit off
and we'll watch it burn

Remember when you said that I wasn't good enough?
And now you hear me every time you turn the speakers up
Do you remember every word that you said?
I put it on the radio so that you'd never forget
I hope you hear it every time that they play this
I hope it hurts you every time that I say it
So turn this fucking shit up, until it makes your ears bleed
We will haunt you through the frequencies

You are under our control

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