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Officially formed in 2005 in Stockholm of Sweden, Terminal Prospect was brought together by the longtime friends Kristian Norelius, Fredrik Koch and Jussi Niiranen. From the first day they picked up our instruments the idea was always to start a band. However, after some time with lack of talent, dedication and fame as the not so ruling metal act Divergent, the band was ended definitely when Kristian moved out from Stockholm to live as a recluse in the woods of Småland. Two years later he found civilization calling him back to his roots and when reunited with Jussi in the summer 2005 after a night of heavy drinking, new ideas started to take form. The concept was to mix old school thrash metal with modern melodic death metal. As a coincidence we found out that Fredrik, who had been playing for a while with a swedish death metal band, was available for cheap in the local liquor store. So the band was formed, again, but this time with a purpose. Terminal Prospect was chosen as the working name of the band. It perfectly describes what the band is all about; the failing human race and the results of thousands of years of rape on the environment and each other. Passion and misery. The band now had both an aim and a solid name, and songs were being put together to fit the style. There was only one obvious problem. The lack of an impetuous hide beater! Surprised by the lack of drumming capabilities in Stockholm we found ourselves standing still when no one answered our cry of despair. As the weeks passed by, we grew more and more frustrated and slowly started to loose our engagement. Almost giving up, being near the state of mental illness, one day Kristian had a call from Sebastian Rojas, the longtime drummer of the band Dogma and many more. We thank the unholy god for this gift of rhythmic flesh!

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