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Artist: Tal Farlow
Title: The Swinging Guitar Of Tal Farlow
Year Of Release: 1957
Label: Verve
Genre: Jazz, Bop
Total Time: 62:29


1. Taking A Chance On Love
2. Yardbird Suite
3. You Stepped Out Of A Dream
4. They Can't Take That Away From Me
5. Like Someone In Love
6. Meteor
7. I Love You
8. Gone With The Wind
9. Taking A Chance On Love
10. Yardbird Suite
11. Gone With The Wind

personnel :

Tal Farlow - Guitar
Eddie Costa - Piano
Vinnie Burke - Bass

In the mid-'50s, guitarist Tal Farlow led one of his finest groups, a drumless trio with pianist Eddie Costa and bassist Vinnie Burke. The same band would record the album Tal a week or two later. With Burke contributing a constant walking bass, the interplay between Farlow and Costa is always exciting, whether they are playing unisons or trading off. This 1999 CD reissue not only has the original seven selections but "Gone With the Wind" (which was left off of the original LP due to lack of space) plus three full-length alternate takes that are basically on the same level as the masters. Among the highpoints are "Taking a Chance on Love," "Yardbird Suite," "Like Someone in Love," and Farlow's lone original, "Meteor," which utilizes the chord changes of "Confirmation." Hot bebop that is easily recommended. ~ (с) Scott Yanow

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