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  • Дата релиза

    5 сентября 2017

  • Продолжительность

    8 композиций

Music and lyrics composed by Tiran in 2013-2016
Recorded in the wreckage of children's dreams and shards of pure hearts in 2015-2017
"Apocalyptic Tales" line up:
Tiran - g/v
Moshna - g
Father - b
Kate - d
So, twelve years ago, when I just started TIRAN, I firmly promised to myself that this band must have three full lengths albums. Although I never liked to record them, considering that demo's and EP's are much more likely to convey the mood and sensations that I'm experiencing at the moment. Work on "Apocalyptic Tales" once again proved it. I started writing material for this album back in early 2013 and for four years there have been a lot of events in my personal life and life TIRAN the same way. Throughout this time, only Father was always there and I could count on him. Man, I'm really happy that we're still together and infinitely respecting you for sharing my way with me. Nevertheless, I would like to express my gratitude to all those people who left part of themselves on "Apocalyptic Tales". Kozlou, our friction tempered me and no matter what, I was glad to be with you in one clip once. Kate … ou yeah, I do not support your life position right now, but you were with me when it was necessary and was never low and dirty, I appreciate it and probably, I still love you, hah! Anyways, we did it and every track on this album is dear to me, everyone is connected to me with something special. Twelve years is a long time, I had time to learn a lot and learn a lot. And I found out. But this knowledge only strengthened my faith in what I said at the beginning of my journey. You will never see TIRAN on the big stage, you will never hear the licked records … TIRAN will always be raw, vile, evil and disgusting, but always honest, even if it remains alone in this kingdom of garbage! Because you will not like it, because it's wrong, because it should be so! Keep it real and stay pure! Amen.

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