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  • Дата релиза

    25 июня 2017

  • Продолжительность

    14 композиций

Synth-Me is proud to present to its listeners new full-length creation of the Russian Murmansk based project Synthetische Lebensform. The project was formed in 2013 and under the influence of the electro-industrial grandees makes outstanding cyber-technological opuses of the oldschool post-industrial genre. SLF is the two-membered alliance, that is able to produce excellent music for the home listening and also for the clubs. SLF formation performed several times in Murmansk, but never did it outside their own hometown, which might be changed soon. Their debut full-length album “Initialization” was also released on Synth-Me and was successful on the Russian internet webzines and also outside of it being part of the electronic radio-streaming and as a background for several videos. New full-length album “Extravagant” is the amazing mechanical sound of electro-industrial with cyberpunk aesthetics. 11 completely new tracks with three bonuses will flow the listeners to the old times of electro-industrial and will remind, that the genre is still alive. Standard distorted vocals with robotized and pure voices will add to the charm of complex and simple at the same time sound. This time the album will not include remixes, but the remix release will follow later after the full-length album. The new album of Synthetische Lebesform will be available for free download on the official Synth-me website and on the official Bandcamp page. Synth it up!
released June 25, 2017


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