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Sweet Tempest is an English/Danish dream-pop band that draws inspiration from the adventurous aspects of everyday life to create their songs and sound.

The songs are a bittersweet combination of acoustic and electronic sounds, carpeted by dreamy guitar walls and catchy melodies. The music is nostalgic, honest and compassionate yet hard, pulsing and firm much like the vocals that lead it, that range from soothing and soft to rough and dominant.

Luna and Julian met many years prior to Sweet Tempest being formed, and their outward lifestyles brought them together time and again to share with each other their creative dreaming and to ponder life and music with whiskey under dim lights.

Luna has always been drifter. Her voice being her home, she kept moving from place to place emotional swell as psychically, enticed by sounds and experiences that may be waiting over the next hill top.

As such she has lent her song to many artists, musicians and genres over the years and her unique voice has earned her much recognition and respect in the Danish underground music scene.

Julian on the other hand has always been glued to his computer, working on new songs exploring new productions. Coming from a family heavily invested in art and entertainment including the director Nicholas Winding Refn and the notorious troublemaker Brigitte Nielsen, working creatively has always been second nature for him. Over the years he has written, produced and fronted various Rock and Electro groups as well as writing soundtracks for film, theatre and exhibitions.

One night after many years of friendship and creative sharing, their collaboration finally manifested itself into the first Sweet Tempest song, ‘Never Break’. Spurred on by their results, they quickly followed up with several more songs and before long, Sweet Tempest was real and alive.

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