• Stone Sonic - Evolution (song review) 5/5

    Янв 14 2012, 17:21 автор: fabrykamagazine

    Stone Sonic - Evolution (song review) |self-released, Not Your Typical High, 2011| 5/5

    Stone Sonic hails from sunny California, where guitar driven music has always done very well. Californian musicians are well known for creating compositions which do not miss compelling songwriting elements while not being overloaded with sounds. It could be said they are the perfect structures, where verses and choruses appear in the right spots to hook you in and keep in time.

    The most specific feature of guitar driven music is that it doesn't get old as quickly as electronica does. Of course, any sensitive ear can catch subtle differences in sound between metal such as Queensryche from the 80's compared to the present sound, however it is the progress of technology which determines these changes in production quality.
    Stone Sonic makes their compositions based on hard rock, groove and continuously evolving progressive metal in the vein and continuity of Velvet Revolver, The Cult…