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Spectrum Of Delusion was formed in 2013 in Katwijk, by Jeroen Mostert (drummer) and Nathan Bonkerk (guitarist). They mostly played covers until Frank van Rijswijk (guitarist) joined the band in early 2013. Frank’s goal was to write music and have a lot of live performances with a band, thus the band started to write their own music. A few months later Jerry Kamer (bassist) joined the band, making it instrumentally complete. Meanwhile the search for a suitable vocalist began.
The first album was written in early 2014. However, the band musically changed a lot over time and decided the album did not fit their style anymore. So, the band wrote a new album, this time with 7-string guitars and a 5-string bass. The genre of this album tends to Technical Death Metal with influences from: Obscura, Beyond Creation, Spawn Of Possession and Necrophagist. In mid-2015 the album was nearly finished and the band decided to use a fretless bass to give the album a more characteristic sound. At the same time Douwe Negenman (vocalist) joined the band. With the band complete, the recording of their debut album could start.
The long recording process started at the end of 2015 and ended in 2017. Meanwhile the band had their first performance in November 2016, which received a lot of positive reactions from the audience. These reactions led to more live shows. In early 2017 the band performed in the P60, Amstelveen, Little Devil, Tilburg, and dB’s, Utrecht. Also, the band was invited to Progressive X Grooves radio in July, were they could promote their debut album and were chosen from a large number of Dutch bands, to be one of the best 7 bands in 2017.
On the 18th of August 2017 the debut album “Esoteric Entity” will be released on CD and several music streaming services (like Spotify, iTunes, etc.). The release show will be in the Patronaat, Haarlem, were the band supports Inferum and Cryptopsy.
This year the band will focus on performing as much live shows as possible, both national and international, the promotion of their debut album and starting on the writing process of their second album.

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