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'Skeleton Rose' is a melodic death metal product created by John Huber; a songwriter, composer and horror author from Hallock, Minnesota. John grew up in Ellendale, North Dakota. A resident metal head and hopeful dreamer, John found the beauty of failure in several creative projects. Several books never came to fruition. He was also part of numerous bands that disbanded early. John resolved to attend college, get his degree from Valley City State University and live a quiet life at home with his wife and daughter. He even completed graduate coursework at the University of North Dakota. All scholastic endeavors, though noble, did not satisfy.
Since leaving graduate school and moving to Hallock, Minnesota, John has used the beauty of failure to mercilessly create gothic literature and music by himself. He wrote four books in two years as well as realizing his musical dream. From the depths of those burning failures, a never-ending dream and a lifetime of pain, John has created 'Skeleton Rose.' A one man army melodic death metal offering that released its debut album in June, 2016. The music is painful, brutal, gothic and beautiful . . . though merciless at times . . . it is still beautiful. 'Skeleton Rose's' first offering "Black Rose" lives happily in the darker, sharper side of melodic death metal.

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