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Improved follow-up still has a degree of mellow studio polish,
especially side one’s string-softened ballads and mellow country light rock.
But side two seems to shed that image in favor of a good hands-off hippie country twangin’
approach akin to that Hallelujah Joy Band album.
They can rock along up-tempo as on the whimsical ‘Pharisee’
(which borrows part of Ricky Nelson’s ‘Garden Party’),
or slow to a lazy stroll like ‘Bubba’s Song’.
Includes a cover of Verne Bullock’s country ditty ‘Walkin’ And Talkin’.
Closes with a fine six-and-a-half minute moody rural track
in three parts called ‘Mountain Testimony’. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).

Simple Truth (3) ‎– Reasons
Tempo (4) ‎– R-7098
Vinyl, LP
Paul Land,Rick Passer,Chad Watson,Stan Adell

The Simple Truth performs a pretty simple brand of Jesus music with a twangy country flair.
Only here can you experience the country version of 'Trust And Obey' (
well ok, John Fischer did it, too). Vocals, however, are pretty polished and tend toward
gospelly harmony, one step above Tom Netherton.
String arrangements overgloss some portions making the music not that simple after all.
Bluegrassy version of 'Front Seat Back Seat'.
When you get right down to it there's only one song on here that I truly dig,
'How Can I Love' - but oh what a tune it is, rife with phased guitars and melodic leads.
Overall an MOR kinda thing with one special moment demanding your attention.

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