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Many famous musical artists have touted the church as their first performance venue, especially those born and bred in the Bible Belt of the deep south. From Stonewall, Louisiana the indie rock band, SHAYLIFF credits the pulpit for giving them a platform to not only develop their talents, but for bringing them together as a band. Lead vocalist / guitarist Shay Bailiff and twin brother / drummer, Grayson - a couple of years older than lead guitarist / vocalist, Micheal Brown and bass player / vocalist, Jacob McGarry - all lead teen worship at the same church.

Years later, through chance encounters, the band Shayliff was born.
A couple of years before the band formed, lead singer, Shay Bailiff made his professional debut in Seoul, Korea. After learning to speak fluent Korean from friends in the foreign exchange program, he posted a Korean cover song on the Internet. The song caught the attention of Korean record producer, KooPD. In 2009, under the Korean label, Digipop, the two collaborated on a soulful modern rock project called, “Odyssey.” Shay’s success from this project landed him on regular TV and radio spots including MTV Korea.

Fueled by following his passion in Korea, Shay wasted no time putting a band together after returning to Shreveport in 2010. A prolific writer, he merged melodies and lyrics with his fellow band members, Grayson, Jacob and Micheal, to come up with the tracks for their first CD, HERE WE ARE, self-released in December 2011. Like the album title, the songs expose the internal and external struggles of a group of rural Generation Y musicians with a dream. Emotional, poetic and passionate, the album leans more into the progressive rock realm with twists reminiscent of Pearl Jam and Sting - taking the listener on a journey that speaks to the heart, the mind and the spirit…a true depiction of who the band members are from the inside and out.

Unlike so many small town artists, Shayliff embraces their rural upbringing - unafraid to admit their love for their families, their church and the community that supports their dream. It’s what propels them artistically and keeps them grounded and focused on their goal.

They’re currently touring throughout the deep south, writing new songs, evolving their own sound and opening for headliner bands like The Fray, 3OH!3, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Dia Frampton, The Toadies, Moon Taxi, Framing Hanley, Saving Abel, and more.

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