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Most rock groups were pretty compact: four or five members,
but they put out the defining sound of the era.
Large groups with choral leanings were exceptional, even among Christian groups.
We’ve featured large groups like Cloud,
with their ethereal sound and very Anglican harmonies.

At the opposite end of the spectrum in every sense of the word is this group,
from East Los Angeles and almost entirely Hispanic.
This album moves and rocks in a way that’s a sheer delight to listen to.
From their hard-driving cover of “I Am the Resurrection” onward,
the vocals and instrumentation work very well.
For those of us who spent much of the 1970’s wishing that someone would “cut loose” it’s
too bad it took this long to find a group that did just that, but Senovia does.
The closest thing to this album posted is God Unlimited,
but although their work is excellent their result is restrained by comparison.
This is an album that has been forgotten, but it shouldn’t have been and shouldn’t be now.

The Songs:

I Am The Resurrection
Follow Me
Salvation Song
Christian Man
Glory Land
New Creation
United By Love
The Lord
My Name Is Peace

The Musicians:

Ken Brokamp, Director, Guitar
Ron Rios, Bass Guitar
Esther Puente
Jesse Galenos, Guitar
Vic Valverde, Harmonica
Cenovia Madero, Maracas
Gloria Guzman
Rudy Pacheco
Gil Fierro, Congas
Dave Hidalgo, Drums
Olga Castelianos
Ofelia Balt-Liovera
Rosa Colorado
Maron Valadez, Guitar
Ricardo Yanez Electric Guita

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