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Connecticut? One would never guess that good progressive music could be found in Connecticut. SCAPELAND WISH are here to prove any doubters wrong. Hailing from the southwestern section of the state, the trio of Joshua Ramirez (Lead Vocals, Percussion), Mike Stiskal (Bass, Keyboards, and Backing Vocals), and Kevin Forsberg (Guitars) have drawn from bands as varied as Marillion to CSN&Y to make up their brand of solid progressive music with exceptional harmonies and melodies.

And SCAPELAND WISH are a real garage band, as both albums Reason (2000) and Ghosts Of Autumn (2003) were both recorded and mixed in a converted garage. Just like a good ol' American band, eh?

Nothing really earth shattering here with this band. Solid musicianship, nice keyboard work and soaring guitar solos that should appeal to prog fans. The band appears to still be active; yet, we haven't seen anything since Ghosts Of Autum. With the state of progressive music in the United States, lets hope it's not too much longer.

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