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  • Год рождения

    15 февраля 1975 (возраст 46)

  • Место рождения

    Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, США

Sam Salter is an African-American R&B artist. He grew up singing gospel music at Faithful Church of God in Christ in Los Angeles. Growing up, Salter won several local talent shows, with a vocal style that was influenced by Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder.

In 1997, Salter had his chance in music when his demo tape found its way into the hands of L.A. Reid of LaFace Records. He quickly signed Salter, and Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds began to work on his debut album, It's On Tonight. The album didn't become a huge hit, yet it yielded two hit R&B singles, the Top 20 single "After 12, Before 6" and the Top 40 ballad "There You Are."

In 2000, Little Black Book, Salter's second album for LaFace Records was expected to be released, yet label shuffling and problems led to the album's shelving. It yielded one single, "Once My Shit (Always My Shit)". An album track from the LP, "Color Of Love", written by Babyface, was later given to Boyz II Men for their first Arista release, Full Circle and it became the lead single. Additionally, a track that was only available on the album sampler (not the advance version) titled "Homewrecker" was later given to Sisqó, and included his Return of Dragon LP. (Sisqó's 2000 hit Incomplete was also originally recorded - but unreleased - by Salter).

In 2005, Salter appeared on a CD single called "On A September Morn", as apart of a group called Talking Book. Currently, Salter is now in the studio working on his third album, tentatively titled Strictly For Da Bedroom, and was set for release in 2008. Tracks slated to appear include the title track as well as "How Low", "When My Heart Cries", and "Work". Two songs have leaked thus far, called "For the ladies" and "Right Way".

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