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From the same custom label as the Rainbow Promise monster comes this top-of-the-line male/female hippie folkrock lp. ‘A New Song’ and ‘Revolution’ (a Danny Lee song) are both solid cutting-edge rockers with electric guitar and organ that tap into the west-coast psych groove of groups like Jefferson Airplane. A cover of Lamb’s ‘Sacrifice Lamb’ also works in some decent electric guitar leads, while ‘Road To Freedom’ and Godspell’s ‘Long Live God’ both excel in jangly plugged-in folkrock sounds. A few laid back country-esque tracks (such as the string-backed melody ‘It’s Been A Long Time’), plus covers of ‘Spread A Little Love Around’ and ‘Bring Back The Springtime’. Member Cheryl Heiple has an earlier folk album (see entry) and her lovely voice brings an equal beauty to this project as well. Includes assistance from Steve Powell of Rainbow Promise. Lists a Miami Beach, Florida address. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



01. Road To Freedom

02. Long Live God

03. Bring Back The Springtime

04. A New Song

05. It’s Been A Long Time

06. Spread A Little Love Around

07. Sacrifice Lamb

08. Revolution

09. I Had A Dream

10. By His Love

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