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Red Sand was formed in Quebec city by Simon Caron in 2004. Red Sand is a band who is often compared to Marillion; the band was nominated discovery of the year in 2004 by the magazine Metal Hammer. In 2005, Gentry, the second CD was nominated the CD of the month by the magazine Empire (Germany). Red Sand is a band of five musicians; Simon Caron as Guitarist and Writer of Red Sand, Steff on vocals, Nicolas Dusseault on keyboards, Mathieu Gosselin on bass, and Danny Robertson on drums.

Following the release of these last two CDs, Red Sand has returned in force. The band is recognized for their guitar solos reminiscent of the likes such as, David Gilmour, Steven Rothery, and Andy Latimer. There also happens to be quite a change in tune as noted in their last album, for now there are a lot of keyboards solos. Like a lot of critics from England have astutely stated, Red Sand is one of Canada's best kept secrets. For example of what the band, Red Sand, holds as a part of their repertoire; on the last CD, the song The Queen counts as an exemplary masterpiece according to the majority of its critics.


2004 - Mirror Of Insanity
2005 - Gentry
2007 - Human Trafficking
2009 - Music For Sharks
2012 - Behind The Mask
2013 - Cinema Du Vieux Cartier

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