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Rainbow Promise
Wine Press Records ‎– LP S259-01
Vinyl, LP
Psychedelic Rock

One of the top Christian psych rarities is this custom guitar-based rural rock monster
from the five-man band Rainbow Promise, with strong west-coast vibes that at their best
recall Wilson McKinley. The stage is set right from the start with the driving rocker ‘Get Ready’
featuring sharp dual electric guitar leads. ‘Someone You Need’ follows with some of the most intense
scorching echoed wah—wah guitar on record. ‘Do You Hear’ starts off fast, then slows to a moodier
setting that could just as easily been found on Wilson McKinley’s Spirit Of Elijah.
The same could be said for ‘Prophecy’ and the tempo-shifting ‘I’ve Got The Rebirth’,
the latter with inspiring echoed guitar leads. Also a plugged-in rendition of Love Song’s
‘Little Country Church’. Hard to top all that, hence the gospel country rocker ‘Romans 8:28’
and the brief whimsical ‘The Joy Of The Lord’ don’t quite measure up to the high standards set by
the rest of the album. Closes on a ballad note with ‘Please Don’t Refuse Him’. Dynamic drumming
action throughout the 1p, and not a single keyboard note to be found. Brilliant home-made cover painting,
a depiction of the glorified Son of Man amidst the seven candlesticks as presented in Revelation 1:12—18.
An even rarer variation has a pink cover with a black border design and “Steve Powell & Rainbow Promise”
in the center. Recorded at Crusade Studios in Illinois and released on a Springfield,
Missouri custom label. Guitarist and primary songwriter Steve Powell has a solo lp on the same
label that’s worth checking out (see entry). (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

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