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Running time: 76:08

This collection is a softer, almost fragile set of tracks compared to the powerful, soaring sounds of last month. I definitely recommend a lower volume setting. That said, the first four tracks are the “louder" tracks and the closing four are the gentler.

I am especially pleased to present "It Has Just Begun." This is one of the very first submissions I got back in the autumn, but I hesitated on including it because it's quite noisy. I love this track too much though so I simply had to include it here. It makes for a huge, inspiring opener (and also the perfect 7-minute power-nap soundtrack).

Leaving the grandeur of the opening credits, the first scene of this album finds us lonely on a rainy night, with the incredibly soothing guitar of "The Moon Shows Me How." Check out Tonepoet's album "So Gently We Go" for some more songs with this winning formula.

The graceful, angelic ensemble of "Orpheus" takes us high above the storm clouds… Marco takes normal tunes and masterfully morphs them into crafts of beauty. We may be releasing a collection of these soon on Stereoscenic so stay tuned.

"Make a Wish" feels like a hymn or elegy, and makes a perfect interlude between album halves. Lee performed both the… more
released February 28, 2014

on Stereoscenic Records

1 w/p/p by Gilmar Monte (gimu.bandcamp.com)

2 w/p/p by Thomas Lindsey (tonepoetmusic.blogspot.com) from the upcoming release "Headspace" on Rusted Sun (rusted-sun.com)

3 w/p/p by Marco Lucchi (soundcloud.com/marcolucchi)

4 w/p/p by Lee Rosevere (leerosevere.bandcamp.com)

5 w/p/p by Ayan Das (soundcloud.com/ayan-6)

6 w/p/p by Paul Randall (microvolt.bandcamp.com)

7 w/p/p by Brad Zacharias (carbonsigma.ca)

8 w/p/p by Ludvig Cimbrelius (eternell.bandcamp.com)

Compiled & Mastered by Andrew J Klimek

Photography by Zsófia Mohos (photosophiae.tumblr.com)

I am immensely pleased to be using the photography of Zsófia Mohos which caught my eye only a month ago as I was browsing Instagram for new people to follow. We truly live in amazing times and I feel blessed by all the people I've been able to work with. In these 8 tracks alone there are 7 countries being represented, and Zsófia makes it 8. Thank you all.

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