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Running time: 80:28
(Track 9 is a bonus, not on the physical CD*)

With very little ado, “Dawn III” plunges straight into a softly-distorted hazy grandeur.

With “Mammoth Paths” Sadowski shares that he was trying to depict the long, blissful journey of a glacier, as inspired by Jacek Dukaj’s novel “Ice.” He has really captured this well, retaining some of the raw power of the sea from the previous track, but adding the frozen awe of this slow movement.

“Anticipation” is the perfect name for the next track. Beautiful and hushed, with the occasional note of doubt. Perhaps the glacial journey has come to an end, and we’re left standing in a dense snowstorm. Cimbrelius did not feel this track was complete somehow, but gave it to me to do “anything I feel.” I’ve added some heavy compression to give a flickering, wind-swept feel, and also added some samples of my wife’s singing.

“Insomnia” carries us away from the bitter cold, to enfold us in heavenly warmth. It seems we heard echoes of this angelic refrain in the voices during the snowstorm. But then… is this actually playing on an old turntable… more
released April 5, 2014

on Stereoscenic Records

1 w/p/p by Aaron Hansen (iamerinome.blogspot.com)

2 w/p/p by Szymon Stadie-Sadowski (not-a-number.pl)
previously self-released as a single track

3 w/p/p by Ludvig Cimbrelius (eternell.bandcamp.com), vocals by Angela Klimek, additional processing by Andrew J Klimek

4 w/p/p by Chris Anderson (echogrid.bandcamp.com)

5 w/p/p by Mike Padula (soundcloud.com/porky214)
previously self-released as a single track

6 w/p/p by Shinobu Nemoto (www.moufu-rokuon.net)

7 w/p/p by Nobuto Suda (nobutosuda.bandcamp.com)
from “Terminus” released by Stereoscenic this past month

8 w/p/p by Niko Bellanti (nikobellanti.bandcamp.com)
from the self-released album Dream Orbiter

9 w/p/p by Saito Koji
from “Heavenly” released by Stereoscenic this past month

Compilation & final mastering by Andrew J Klimek

Photography by David Leavitt (aeelements.com)

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