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This is one big time serious ALBUM YOU SHOULD OWN! (AYSO)

But good luck with that.
It’s nearly 40 years old and has been out of print for most of the ose 40 years.
For those fortunate enough to track down a copy by hook or by crook know just what a gem
this funkadelic soul masterpiece truly is.
It is legit with a capital “L” and sounds so good even right now as I listen to it.
The soul styling of the title track only hints at what is to be found inside.
The members share lead vocal duties and the interaction between them is fun and funky.
The cover of Parliament’s “I Want to Testify” is worth the price of admission.
The slower soul tunes are packed with real emotion,
something sorely lacking in the general world of CCM and the Jesus Music of the time.
Even Andrea Crouch and the Disciples never quite reached the authenticity of this great
It’s almost unfair to review and so heavily promote this album since for most it will be
nearly impossible to find. For those that have it and those that do track down a copy,
they will know exactly what I’m talking about.
Pilgrim Outlets was a six-piece Gospel outfit.
They had a large dose of Soul in their mix as heard on the title cut with a nice array
of singing between the different members.
That Soul influence gets even more apparent when the group covers
the Parliaments’ hit I Want To Testify with some extra drum fills added to the original.
The slow jam A Letter is also good with a heavy Blues feel to it.
That’s followed by the upbeat Get On Up that has a nice groove.'

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