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Bigger production for the sophomore effort, even dragging in the Pitu Guli Folk Orchestra (whoever they are) for the mysterious title track, playing such commonplace instruments as gaida, gadulka, tamboura, tapan, and kaval (sounds like bagpipes to me). Evan Williams returns as producer and his touch is definitely here: the wah-wah guitar, acoustic guitars up-front. Fuller sound, more diverse, some bluegrass (‘Paperback Bible’ – “I didn’t have the money for the leather bound kind”), blues (‘Backslider Blues’ with harmonica and rippling piano licks), soulful rock (the brass-backed ‘Waymaker’), and orchestrated ballads (‘Christ Lives Today’ and the heavily wah’d ‘The Understanding Love’), succeeding more often than not. Lots more assistance this time from the likes of Al Perkins, David Diggs, others. Sure fits into that early Maranatha country-ish folkrock sound – in fact the label later picked up the lp for distribution (HS 777/23). Both releases have the same front cover photo. The back cover of the Destiny release features several b&w photos of the group, while the Maranatha back has another color photo of the trio in the desert. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

Phoenix Sonshine ‎– The Exodus
Destiny (3) ‎– D-2011-S
Vinyl, LP

A1 The Exodus 4:01
A2 We Only Came To Sing 3:43
A3 The Understanding Love 4:01
A4 God's Prologue 3:07
B1 Paperback Bible 2:17
B2 Jesus Is 2:28
B3 Backslider Blues 2:03
B4 Waymaker 3:47
B5 Christ Lives Today

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