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The heaviest outing on this Way International label which also produced albums by Pressed Down Shaken Together & Running Over, Good Seed and Selah. Virgilio also appeared on the latter’s Consider These Words which is a fine album, but on this one his guitar busts loose full force, hitting especially hard on the opening tracks ‘Let Me Tell You Something’ and ‘Jesus Christ Is My Savior’, both of which sizzle with Agape-like intensity. From there the mood mellows some but the quality remains strong with breezy Santana-ish rock and long-haired rural folk-rocking that includes touches of The Band and Pressed Down, topped by Virgilio’s pleasantly soulful vocals. Jazzy sax in a couple places, sitar effects on ‘You Got An Answer’. Great song-writing throughout. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

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