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The music of Orange Trane is a beautiful amalgam of Jazz, contemporary Classical and World Music influences, performed with incredible virtuosity and impeccable taste. Bukowski plays vibraphone, marimba and xylosynth – a synthesized version of the xylophone, Lemanczyk plays both acoustic and electric basses and Losowski plays a wide array of percussive instruments; together they create a magic atmosphere of intimate acoustic music which is full of mystery, with scents of ancient times and far away places. The whole album is like a soundtrack of an imaginary voyage, with each track enfolding a new panorama.
The intimate acoustic setting emphasizes each individual sound and the sheer virtuosity of these performances, which are truly amazing. Personally Lemanczyk, who also composed most of the music, is the most impressive performer, with breathtaking solos and superb control of his instruments, but his colleagues also stand shoulder to shoulder with him, contributing equally well. Bukowski sets the main melodic themes, using a wide array of sounds between completely acoustic and electronically generated and Losowski drives the whole affair rhythmically, but gently enough to be in sync with the rest of the music.
This is intelligent, delicate and elegant music, which is a true pleasure to listen to, and which stimulates the intellectual parts of the listener's brain at the same time, a rare commodity these days. Although perhaps not groundbreaking, it is definitely graceful and unique, deserving to be heard by as many music connoisseurs as possible.

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