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  • Активность (лет)

    2001 – сегодня (17 лет)

NIMPHAION – a symphonic black metal band from Shuya (Russia) formed in 2001. The first demo and the debut full-length album "In Darkness" of the band have a distinct melodic death metal approach. With the next album “Flame of Faith” the sound of NIMPHAION drifts towards symphonic black metal and even gothic metal on “Quoth the Raven”. According to the band, the style of its latest release composed to the poems of Edgar Allan Poe can be labeled as Poe-tic black metal. Besides three albums and several demos, the discography of NIMPHAION includes participation in a number of tribute albums. Similar to its sound, the line-up of the band undergoes numerous changes. Current line-up includes: Demether Grail (vocals), Vadim Malyshev (guitar, keys), Ilya Evstigneev (bass) and Alexander Pozhivilko (drums). NIMPAHAION has played numerous shows in the cities of Central Russia. In 2012 the band plays its first big festival abroad (Metalcrowd 2012). In 2013 NIMPHAION goes to its first mini-tour together with CLAYMORDS, TODESTRIBE and HOMOFERUS. After the last line-up change in 2014 the band has almost suspended its concert activity due to the fact that its members live in different cities. The musicians focus on studio work, playing live shows once in a while.
Line up:
Demetr Grail – vocals;
Vadim Malyshev - gitars, keyboards
Ilya Yevstigneyev - bass;
Alexandr Pojivilko - drums;

By digital albums at Bandcamp: https://nimphaion.bandcamp.com
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/Nimphaion/
Вконтакте : http://vkontakte.ru/nimphaion

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