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nekrodeus was founded in 2013 by previous members of the austrian band blasphemist (formerly known as zodiac), the six-headed line-up soon finished writing their first songs, leading towards their own comprehension of death metal.
following the release of a self-recorded two-track demo in the first months of 2013, nekrodeus performed their first live show at the well-known club q in graz/austria.
after the recording and release of their ep "putrid scent of grave perversion" also published in 2013, several well-received shows throughout austria and the departure of their second vocalist followed.
with 5 members remaining, nekrodeus retained their uncompromising style and severity.
another change in line-up followed in 2014 when the band's drummer decided to leave after their first international show in hungary, it wasn't until 2016 that a new drummer was found.
after a short period of rehearsing the change proved to be successful, resulting in an immense outburst of creativity and motivation.
the band was ready to hit the stage again at 2016's hell over vellach festival in carinthia, this marked their first concert since 2014. lyrically nekrodeus thematises misanthrophy, death and weltschmerz in general, a d.i.y. attitude is also pursued by the band when it comes to merchandising, recording and songwriting.

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