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Swedish artist NAD SYLVAN was born in the US in 1959, originally named Hugh Erik Stewart, which was later altered to Christopher Stewart. Nad Sylvan has been his artist moniker since 1997.

Sylvan was initially a part of a succession of bands from the late 1970's and onward, and was close to achieving real mainstream success with the band One By One in the second half of the 1980's. Following this involvement he abandoned his band activities for many years, but resurfaced with the project Unifaun in 2008, and then went on to accidentally form The Agents of Mercy with The Flower Kings main man Roine Stolt shortly after. From 2012 he has also worked with Steve Hackett and his Genesis Revisited projects.

As a solo artist, Nad Sylvan's first production was initially released in 1995, then called The Home Recordings and released under the name Chris Stewart. In 1997 he recorded the concept album The Life of a Housewife, which was eventually released through the then popular website mp3.com in 1999, alongside a renamed version of his 1995 solo debut now renamed to Blue Waters and issued as a Nad Sylvan album. His next album Sylvanite took the same path, initially recorded in 2001 and then released through mp3.com in 2003.

With the rise in stature and popularity Nad Sylvan saw in the following years, his fourth and so far most recent solo album is a quite different affair. This album, Courting the Widow was released by prestigious progressive rock label Inside Out in 2015, and features contributions from a contemporary hall of fame of musicians from the world of progressive rock.

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