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  • Активность (лет)

    2006 – 2012 (6 лет)

  • Место основания

    Ontario, Канада

Think of the last time you were in a dark theatre and stepped out into the fresh air with your mind buzzing and emotions still running wild. Motion Picture Ending is a concept stemming from one of the most truthful moments you’ll ever experience at the end of a movie when nothing has skewed your thoughts and tainted your feelings.

Motion Picture Ending is an alternative rock band from Trenton, Ontario, Canada consisting of Tyler Wilkinson (lead vocals, guitar), Justin Devries (drums, vocals), Curtis Weekes (bass, vocals), and Greg Bolton (guitar, vocals). Their goal is to spark the same honest and organic reaction they infuse into every single note and chord.

Tyler says the band's name, just like their music and live show, "Is an honest feeling… we're honest about what we play, and we're honest about what we do, and we want to bring out that kind of honest reaction."

The early roots of Motion Picture Ending go back to Tyler Wilkinson’s professional music childhood as he started touring with his family's country music group, The Wilkinsons, when he was just six years old. Since he was 16, Tyler had been writing material for a solo rock project, so when the family returned home in 2004 after spending the previous nine years in Nashville, he hooked up with his old friend Justin Devries to play drums.

In 2005, the Motion Picture Ending lineup was completed when Tyler and Justin found guitarist Greg Bolton through Tyler's girlfriend. MPE became a four-piece with the addition of bassist Curtis Weekes who was playing alongside Greg in another band at the time.

Justin believes that Motion Picture Ending is a very personal, from-the-heart kind of band. "MPE is just a very honest, passionate, heart-driven band," he says. "A passion for the music is what stands out for me. We're all doing this for our own personal reasons, but we came together so fast and so well, and as a group we all believe in this. It's not like a 'what if' kind of thing… it's something we completely believe in."

With opening slots already played with major Canadian acts such as Hedley, Lights, illScarlett, and Ten Second Epic, their complete belief in the band is paying off. It’s also had a chance to shine south of the border as MPE has played several showcases in Nashville and Los Angeles.

"Music – it's such a personal thing," says Greg. "Music is this powerful thing from your heart that, when you play live, everybody's kind of feeding off that. That's where we show them where our heart is from and how much we love what we do."

Curtis says their music is all-inclusive of moods and a wide-open range of musical tastes. He hopes to inspire Motion Picture Ending fans. "I want people that listen to our music – whether they're sad or happy, or in any kind of mood – I want them to be able to use it as a remedy to satisfy something in them at the time," Weekes says. "Our music sends the message that dreams are within reach, and that anything they put their mind to is possible."

After teaming up with renowned Producer/Mixer/Engineer David Kalmusky (Emerson Drive, The Wilkinsons, The Road Hammers), MPE's debut full-length album “Clarity in a World of Chaos” is recorded and ready to be released in 2010.

Expect to be singing along with Motion Picture Ending as they set ablaze a chorus of infectious melodies on a stage near you.

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