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Mog And The Water Tribe are no strangers to the art of song. They have been around in many guises since the mid seventies. Beginning as Trapps, Phil and guitarist Lewis Richardson earned their spurs in the pubs and clubs of the North East playing a mixture of originals and covers by the likes of Alice Cooper, Genesis and Todd Rundgren.

The boys then pounded the North East club ciruit for a couple of years as the cover band 'The Strand' and became really popular in the North East of England and Yorkshire.

After many musical adventures and collaborations, Phil and Lewis found themselves playing various events involving churches: ie Christenings, weddings and the like. This was short lived and following a joke about them being ‘men of God’ Lewis suggested the abbreviation as a name for their latest venture MOG. Phil's love of theatrics spurred him to record a rock operetta which was performed live in its entirety at the Progmeister Festival in March 2011. Since then Phil set up his own theatre company and in the ensuing years began to pen some rather personal songs.

After recruiting Nige Spaven on bass, Phil and Lewis spent a year in the studio recording the new album Astronaut Ghost. Now under the moniker of Mog And The Water Tribe the trio find themselves at the top of their game and planning gigs to promote the album. Best described as AOR to Prog they excel at live performances finding themselves very much at home on stage with over thirty plus years of gigging behind them.

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