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zy Alternative Metal, Heavy, Melodic, CRAZY… Misdempt is the direct result of the meshing of musical instruments and cannabis and hours of endless effort going absolutely no where. Misdempt formed in early Spring 2002 after Yaggi and Omar got together and started writing shit. More shit happened and the band grew up. By Summer 2002 the band was complete and songs were established. The initial process of formation occurred on a rainy windy Sunday afternoon when childhood enemies Yaggi Moth and Omar Maypole decided that they were sick of their other bands. The clashing of pure alternative and raw metal performance proved to be something unique. It can be best described as a school bus dropped vertically into the roof of a million dollar house. The idea is basically not to think before one acts and usually the result is one beautifully arranged mess. The concept is often hard to conceive to one who accepts music for the gild that is given to them. It's often looked down upon for various reasons. People won't take this philosophy for what it is and quickly reject it. For this reason, the world has misdempt intelligent musicians for their abilities to see music through their ears almost in the same fashion Galileo was excommunicated and incarcerated for his theories.
Misdempt wants to bring back the crazy metal scene that was somehow lost due to slipknot and other forms of cheesy metal. SlipKnot=SHIT.

Full Color Productions discovered us earlier this year and decided to put us on their label and we recorded in the Full Color Studios with Tim Freeman, ex-vocalist for Dystopia. We toured with Derva and TripCage for a while but then came back to record the new songs. Hope you all enjoy them.

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