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Mindpatrol is a young Extreme Progressive Metal band hailing from Luxembourg, which has set itself the goal of avoiding the well-trodden musical paths ever since its creation in 2012. That choice was already noticeable on the 2013-released debut „Downfall Theatre“, a concept album that was accompanied by a novel written by vocalist Luc François.

Since „Downfall Theatre“ was entirely recorded and released independently, Mindpatrol decided to get some outside help with the production for the sophomore album „The Marble Fall“, in order to deliver an all-around professional record. Which is why the band managed to lock down Sebastian Levermann of Greenman Studios to take care of the mastering of the record, which was additionally created with the help of the Wacken Foundation.
„The Marble Fall“ was released digitally in October 2015 via the French label M&O Music and a self-funded digipack version followed later the same month. Musically, Mindpatrol puts a lot of weight on avoiding the defined limitations of one single genre, which is why dreamy melodies go hand in hand with extreme-metal influences, all in the spirit of underlining the lyrical concepts of the albums in an appealing manner.

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