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Very little is known about the Polish 5-piece called MINDFIELDS, since they had no official website other than their myspace, which in turn gives little away regarding how the band actually came into existence. However we do know that MINDFIELDS shared musicians with three other excellent Polish bands.

The drummer Tomasz Paśko also plays drums with the prolific Neo Prog outfit MILLENIUM, and guitarist Marcin Kruczek currently plays with another fine Neo Prog band MOONRISE, who also have links to MILLENIUM via the use of that band's front man Lukasz Gall as guest vocalist on their first two albums.

Marcin Kruczek was also originally the guitarist with another Polish Neo Prog band NEMEZIS, which started way back in 1996, but disbanded before they could get any music recorded. Marcin subsequently refreshed and re-record the compositions, and put together a new NEMEZIS line up in 2008 so that the long-mothballed album could finally be released on the Lynx Music label later that year.

MINDFIELDS was therefore probably just assembled a one-off side project by artists belonging to these other Polish bands and their musician friends - the end result was certainly a very fine album, and easily comparable with the excellent melodic Neo Prog of the two established and ongoing bands MOONRISE and MILLENIUM. (NEMEZIS too was seemingly just a one-off project, albeit also a very fine one indeed).

Check their 7-track 'ONE' album out - it was released (again by Lynx Music) in 2007, and if you are a fan of Polish Neo Prog in general, then you certainly won't be disappointed with this. A shade under fifty minutes of first-rate 'Art Rock'!

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