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In order to disrupt current conditions of the psychedelic sonic sphere, two great minds came together to bend your understanding of music, dance and vibe. Through cutting edge beats and groove, this duo has managed to create a particular frequency that penetrates the regular formula. Having restructured different rhythms and melodies and created new dimensions of audio experience and bodily movements, they are true Mindbenderz.

Mindbenderz is a new collaboration between two creative artists that decided to share their common interest of exploring and bending new sonicscape. The duo consists of DJ Cubixx, aka Mattias Sperlich, who is also the Head of Iono Music from Berlin, Germany, and Philip Guillaume, aka Motion Drive, Blue Vortex and Rumble Pack, from Switzerland. Together they combine decades of experience of both mixing and making electronic dance music, and thousands of miles playing in the top dance floors across the world such as Voov, Fusion, Antaris, Ozora. Adding to this recipe their individual interests and expertise, they create a special kind of sound that takes their rich musical past into the next level of art.


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