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Mike Johnson ‎– Velvet Prince
Freedom Light Records ‎– FL-155 S
Vinyl, LP, Album
Classic Rock,Psychedelic Rock
Another quality album from Johnson’s classic period that continues with the high
standards set on Lord Doctor. Dynamics run the spectrum from the
Dylan-esque rocker ‘On To L.A.’ and the blistering hard rock of the title track to rural
acoustic ballads like ‘Standin’ At The Station’.
Johnson’s barbed wit can be found in the finger-picked rag ‘Something’s Goin’ On’,
as well as the lazy hippie country stroller ‘Your Health Food Won’t Get You Into Heaven’
(“yogurt ain’t got no savin’ power”).
The opening ‘Dilemma’ has a nice moody 12-string classic rock vibe.
Jazz grooves come by way of ‘Would You Believe’ (re-interpreted from the Exkursions album)
and the closing instrumental cover of jazz organist Jimmy Smith’s ‘Mellow Mood’.
Mike plays acoustic and electric guitars while the friends provide organ, guitar,
bass and drums. Go for the original Freedom Light release in the gate-fold cover with lyrics
and photos inside. The later Hartsong re—issue comes in a single-slip cover with a different
photo, minus the essential track ‘Seemingly So’
(it’s replaced with ‘Your Friends Keep Callin’ from Lord Doctor).
(The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

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