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Merchant Band was formed from a worship team at the International House of Prayer when Marcus Meier, Tim Reimherr, and a few friends began playing some of the two-hour slots in the 24/7 worship schedule over a decade ago. The band, more affectionately known as “Marcus and Tim’s worship team,” led six two-hour prayer and worship meetings in the prayer room each week, as well as traveling extensively to lead worship at conferences, both nationally and internationally.

Both Marcus and Tim’s songwriting grew out of faithfully seeking the Lord. Tim says that leading worship in the prayer room often sparks the beginning of a new song. “Ideas sometimes get developed on stage, but the focus is not to form a song but to serve the house of prayer and to meditate on His name.” He adds that the creative process is based in intimacy: “I try to initially write for me and the Lord, but if a song lends itself corporately I try and craft it that way.” Prayer is an absolute necessity in the creative process. As Marcus states, “Prayer is the place where you meet the Lord, and without Him you don’t have anything.” Their desire is for their music to help others connect with and encounter the Lord more deeply.

Both Marcus Meier and Tim Reimherr were worship leaders at the International House of Prayer for more than ten years. Marcus moved with his family to Brazil in the summer of 2013 to help plant a house of prayer, and Tim serves as a worship leader in a church. In preparation for Christ’s return, both men are committed to living simple lifestyles of prayer and fasting. They believe this is an hour of history in which voices must have substance to their message, and they hold the conviction that divine substance comes from the place of prayer and intimacy with Jesus.

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