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- Alina Rostotskaya / vocals
- Masha Logofet / violin, voice
- Andrey Bessonov / clarinet, bass clarinet, voice
- Anatoly Osipov / tenor saxophone
- Gregory Sandomirsky / piano, noises, voice
- Maksim Shibin / guitar
- Kirill Parenchuk / percussion

All compositions are traditional except composed by Gregory Sandomirsky
Arranged by Mediterranean Deconstruction Ensemble
Recorded by Alexander Mikhlin at Vintage Sound Studio, Moscow, June 2017
Edited, mixed, mastered by Alexander Mikhlin
Design by Gregory Sandomirsky, Sergey Krasin
Produced by Gregory Sandomirsky, Andrey Bessonov

released January 26, 2018

The music of the Mediterranean Deconstruction Ensemble led by Moscow-based pianist Gregory Sandomirsky follows a twofold formula. It could be described as a continuation and further development of what he was doing with Lampa Ladino and is still doing with Goat’s Notes, two other bands he had co-founded: reimagining the traditional music of Sephardi Jews and free improvisation, respectively. On this album, it barely takes three minutes for the deconstruction to begin: the Sephardi tune literally crumbles, or is smashed, into pieces, only to reassemble for a melodious comeback in a matter of another couple of minutes. In the end, however, Mediterranean slightly beats deconstruction. For the most part, elements of free improvisation only serve to enhance and adorn the smooth flow of these compositions. Sandomirsky and his teammates have apparently reached a level of freedom where they can rein back their anarchic instincts if necessary.

2018 Fancy Music


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