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- Marie Fikry / Piano
- Simon Leleux / Percussions Orientales
- Daniel Jonkers / Batterie
- Fil Caporali / Contrebasse

Recorded at Studio de la Province de Liège
Mix and Master by Johan Spitz
Artwork by Marie fikry
Calligraphy by Mohammed Idali
GRaphic Design by Pierre Debehogne

released December 26, 2017

2017 homerecords.be / 4446191

The Oriental Jazz Project presents its new album "Proche Orience". Here are four musicians of the new generation of European Jazz, who are not afraid to mix Arab-Andalusian, and world music with modern jazz, to offer us an organic and sophisticated universe, resolutely modern… Created by the belgian-moroccan pianist Marie Fikry, the oriental Jazz project offers a repertoire of original compositions that creates a dialogue between Europe and North Africa. The oriental percussion occupies a key place as a soloist, while the piano, echoes like a Oud instrument, which offer the Oriental touch to the project. The double bass and the drums bring the characteristic sounds of jazz, discovering a dialogue North/South, built around complex narrations and very elaborate grooves… In 2017, the band has played sold out concerts at the International Mithra Jazz Festival in Liège and in many other venues (Musicvillage, Cercle des voyageurs, Samaritaine, CC de SaintGeorges, Bluesphere …). With the great support of "ça balance" program, the band recorded in 2017 their first album for the label : Homerecords.

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