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After making his debut on Revealed Recordings last month, Jayden Jaxx is back already, and this time with long time Revealed artist Maddix, the pair combining to great effect on the massive ‘Voltage’. Having previously released anthems ‘Riptide’ and ‘Ghosts’ on Revealed, as well as having music released on Spinnin’ and Armada, Maddix is back with what could be his strongest track yet, on the label that has helped establish the Dutch DJ/Producer as a name to look out for in 2016. Jayden Jaxx has previously collaborated with D.O.D, and with the backing of Revealed Recordings behind him, the sky is the limit for the fledgling producer.
‘Voltage’ is a no-nonsense, bona fide club banger that is set to destroy sound systems across the world. The track gets the majority of its drive from a soaring lead line that is as peak-time as it gets. The breakdown is a filtered, ethereal affair that is a real defining point in the track, switching up from the relentless beats to provide a perfectly-timed euphoric moment of relief, before the snare rolls signal the inevitable suspenseful build-up and plunging drop. Maddix and Jayden Jaxx are two artists on the rise, and if ‘Voltage’ is anything to go by, the pair look set to continue on their upward curve and cement their names as rising stars of the dance music world. Get ‘Voltage’ on 27th May via Revealed Recordings!

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