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Initially an experimental trio formed in Bassano del Grappa in 2010, Mad Fellaz, comprised of Emanuele Pasin and Paolo Busatto on electric guitars and Marco Busatto on drums, soon added Carlo Passuello on bass, Enrico Brunelli on keyboards and Rudy Zilio on flute and clarinet. The group are influenced by a diverse range of vintage worldwide progressive artists such as King Crimson, Gentle Giant, Pink Floyd, Italian legends Area and Banco del Mutuo Soccorsso in addition to newer bands like Opeth and Porcupine Tree. Jazz, blues, metal, electronic and classical Italian progressive sophistication are all combined to fascinating results by this band, their objective being to find the highest creativity without musical limits or specific genre categorization, and always looking to express music naturally in exciting ways.

Improvised, yet carefully focused and recorded completely live with little in the way of overdubs, the full instrumental debut self-titled album from the band is comprised of five songs running an hour. The longer suites contain everything from smooth jazzy meanderings, playful grooves, ambient dreamy atmospheres and ethnic flavours with stirring electric guitar soloing and shimmering keyboards. Other shorter numbers are energetic jazz-fusion workouts and quirky eclectic rockers. The constant use of flute and classical piano aligns the band with numerous other RPI greats, and it is comparable to the recent debut by Progenesi. It works equally well as a background listen or a compelling musical experience, and despite incorporating a range of styles, the album holds together as a cohesive whole.

2015 saw the band add female vocalist Anna Farronato, taking their music on their second album `II' in something of an eclectic Rock-in-Opposition/Avant-Garde direction with a healthy dose of the Canterbury sound, Zappa and 80's King Crimson, but still maintaining all the instrumental flair present in the band from the beginning.

Highly recommended to fans of daring and unpredictable music, the Mad Fellaz are a professional and talented young band brimming with endless potential, already producing exquisite and sophisticated cultured progressive music.

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